spongey444 said: Does this mean Poop Doggy Dog (it pains me to type that) will beat out Fresh Heir for the worst thing you have reviewed?


You know what, I’ll let you guys figure it out.

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supermario62 said: Really what makes it worse then modern family guy and breadwinners?


Let me describe Mega Babies to you.

It looks like Satan ate the Rugrats and shat it out on top of Ren & Stimpy. It tried to rip off Ren & Stimpy by doing the Adult Party Cartoon shit ten years too late.The animation on its own is terrible, but throw in as much snot, barf, shit, and piss jokes as possible. The background music is wretched. Every character (not just the babies) has spit shooting out of their mouth. Oh, and the episode I’ll be tackling “Poop Doggy Dog” features babies abusing animals. How nice. You can even find it on YouTube if you want to.

It ran from 1999-2001 and got 4 seasons…. for some reason. I can’t imagine a worse cartoon than that. The only thing this is good for is scaring teens away from sex, but it’s targeted at children. SCREW YOU.

Let me put it this way. I’ve reviewed Allen Gregory. I’ve reviewed G3 MLP. I’ve reviewed Breadwinners. I’ve reviewed CAD: The Animated Series. I’ve reviewed Madballs and Bubsy, with no hesitation. Mega Babies and R&S Adult Party Cartoon were the only two shows that I was afraid to review. I literally felt unclean after I watched one episode. I haven’t seen Adult Party Cartoon yet, but with only what six episodes as opposed to 38, and targeted to adults rather than kids it could be an unholy demon from hell that needs to be exorcised and it still would not match my incredible disgust from what I watched.

Give Breadwinners one thing, compared to this, it’s restrained in its toilet humor. And Family Guy may make me feel disgusted towards its characters, but I can still physically watch it for more than one episode. I am dreading this review. All the Samurai Jack references in the world won’t get me through this one.

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talonoficeandfire said: Your TV Tropes page says that Megababies is the worst show you've ever seen. Is that really true? Because I've not heard you say that anywhere before.


Yes, it is the worst cartoon I have ever seen.

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scorchfleece3z said: Are there any reviews that you're planning on doing commentaries on?


Give me some suggestions.

I’d like a commentary on the Patrick s a prick list

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darkerthanblackfan said: It seems like the Top 25 Modern Spongebob Episodes has taken a lot longer to get out. Is that because it was hard to find 25 good episodes, or is it difficult to articulate why you like these episodes? Or am I just being impatient and reading too far into this?


It was always going to be posted this Friday. But I already found 25 episodes before I even announced this list. Although some are hard to articulate, like I’ll give one away: Spongebob Vs the Patty Gadget. How do I explain why I like something like that?

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Concept art, drawn by http://nayolfa.deviantart.com/ for a reinvented Flip-Flopped.

So, with my latest review (Shorty McShorts’ Shorts) I said that there’s nothing sadder than wasted potential. Me and http://nayolfa.deviantart.com/ bounced a couple of ideas back and forth concerning a reworking and revival of Flip-Flopped and Too Many Robots. Here is the concept are of the kid main characters of Flip-Flopped (working title) Sally and Timmy. We’re still working on the adult characters because that needs more creativity and more adhesion to make it… not creepy.

Flip Flopped Original Idea: Aging literally works backwards. Adults are literally kids and kids are literally adults. Nothing else has changed.

Our Idea: Aging works the same way, but kids are in charge of adults. The world/cartoon will be built around this.

Too Many Robots Original Idea: A country girl moves to a robot factory and wants nothing to do with it.

Our Idea: A country girl moves to a robot factory, and takes advantage of it despite not being the least tech savvy.

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Anonymous said: What are some of the atrocities you have planned for Season 3?



  1. Are You Happy Now [Spongebob]
  2. Brian’s a Bad Father [Family Guy]
  3. The Great Divide [Avatar]
  4. Guano in 60 Seconds [My Gym Partner’s a Monkey]
  5. Herpe, the Love Sore [Family Guy]
  6. Is This Cute [Planet Sheen]
  7. Legends of Bikini Bottom [Spongebob]
  8. Lights Out [Fairly Odd Parents]
  9. Nobody Doesn’t Like TJ [Recess]
  10. The Nut Job
  11. Population Bomb [Captain Planet]
  12. Ren Seeks Help [R&S Adult Party Cartoon]*
  13. Shop Talk [MLP Tales]
  14. To Love a Patty [Spongebob]

*Ren Seeks Help is being delayed so I can talk about two Teen Titans Go! episodes back-to-back.

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nostalgiccartoons said: Since you hate Modern Family Guy, does that mean you like pre-revival Family Guy just like you enjoy Pre-Movie Spongebob?


Pretty much. Family Guy and Spongebob are shockingly similar, like both airing in 1999 and both starting to turn into crap in 2005. Family Guy even has its own House Fancy with Peter Problems, just with the toenail scene stretched out to TWO MINUTES, but I digress.

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My favorite episodes of shows I like


The Big Bang Theory - The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis

How I met your Mother - Spoiler Alert

The Simpsons - Lisa’s First Word

Breaking Bad - One Minute

MLP - Sisterhoove Social

Adventure Time - Holly Jolly Secrets

Doctor Who - Army of Ghosts and Doomsday

Futurama - The Luck of the Fryrish

Firefly - Jaynestown

Avatar: The Last Airbender - Appa’s Lost Days

Gravity Falls -The Time Traveler’s Pig

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Anonymous said: What is the order for the new batch of animated atrocities?


55 - Shorty McShorts’ Shorts

56 - Staring at the Future [Teen Titans Go!]

57 - Poop Doggy Dog [Mega Babies]

58 - Arnold Betrays Iggy [Hey Arnold!]

59 - Ren Seeks Help [R&S Adult Party Cartoon]

60 - Truth or Square [Spongebob]

And that’ll close us out on Season 2.

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